I’m a software developer and FOSS enthusiast. I came to Open Source Software in college looking for breath new life into my laptop and found Ubuntu, I’ve been breaking configs ever since (at least it sure feels that way)! After dabbling for years as a consumer I went back and completed FlatIron’s Learn online Full Stack Web development course. Today I’m working to give back to the open source community where I can.

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This blog is powered by Jekyll, a static site generator built with Ruby. Normally this would tell you about Jekyll’s default theme minima, but instead I’m using a custom theme I’ve put together. One day I’ll push it up to RubyGems.org but I’m waiting until I stop tweaking things. You can find out more info about customizing your Jekyll theme, as well as basic Jekyll usage documentation at jekyllrb.com

You can find the source code for Jekyll at GitHub: jekyll / jekyll